Auteur inconnu

I. Belle Érembor I.4. lez lo meis, before the house.

5. le chief drecier amont, to raise the head.

II. 2. paile, the tapestry that she was working.

III. 2. selon, near.

IV. I. escondirai, justify myself. 2,3.a = avec.

5. prennez l'emmende, `take our word for it.'

V.3. menu recercelé, finely curled.

VI.3. dejoste, at his side.

2. Pastourelle. I.4. touse, damsel.

III. 5. sens, except.

Guillaume de machoult

3.Rondeau. 3. remirant, looking at again and again.

5. toudis, always.

jean Froissart . The chronicler. He found time, in the course of a life full of other scarcely less interesting activities, to write a great quantity of verse. His poems have been edited by A.Scheler. (3 vols. Brussels: Acad.R. de belgique, 1870.)

4. Ballade. I. 3. perselle,,corn-cockle. 4.glay,gladiolus. 5. l'anquelie, columbine. 6.pyonier, peony- muget, lily of the valley.

II.6. já, jamais.

III.7 creniel, battlement. garite, fortification.

Eustache Deschamps . Knight and Clerk; huissier d'armes to Charles V and VI, chatelain of Fismes and bailli of Senlis. He lived for a long time at the Court, and his works are full of interesting detail concerning the morals and manners of the time. His rather harsh poems have usually his own grievances for subject; he is the first French realist. His works, in many volumes, have been published by the Société des Anciens Textes Français (1878-1894), and his life has been written by M.A. Sarradin.

5. Virelay. I. 3. viz, face.

II. 2. traitis, delicate.

VI. 2. biaux proffis, a good income.

VII. 2. bis, grey-brown.

X. I. plevis, promise.

XI. 2. apers, candid.

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