Das Kapital
Table of contents
Dedication to Wilhelm Wolff  
Preface to the First German Edition  
Preface to the French Edition  
Afterword to the Second German Edition  
Afterword to the French Edition  
Preface to the Third German Edition  
Preface to the English Edition  
Preface to the Fourth German Edition  
Marx's letter to Engels  
Money, or the Circulation of Commodities  
The General Formula for Capital  
Contradictions in the General Formula of Capital  
The Buying and Selling of Labour-Power  
The Labour-Process and the Process of Producing Surplus-Value  
Constant Capital and Variable Capital  
The Rate of Surplus-Value  
The Working-Day  
Rate and Mass of Surplus-Value  
The Concept of Relative Surplus-Value  
Division of Labour and Manufacture  
Machinery and Modern Industry  
Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value  
Changes of Magnitude in the Price of Labour-Power and in Surplus-Value  
Various Formula for the Rate of Surplus-Value  
The Transformation of the Value (and Respective Price) of Labour-Power into Wages  
National Differences of Wages  
Simple Reproduction  
Conversion of Surplus-Value into Capital  
The General Law of Capitalist Accumulation  
The Secret of Primitive Accumulation  
Expropriation of the Agricultural Population from the Land  
Bloody Legislation against the Expropriated, from the End of the 15th Century. Forcing down of Wages by Acts of Parliament  
Genesis of the Capitalist Farmer  
Reaction of the Agricultural Revolution on Industry. Creation of the Home-Market for Industrial Capital  
Genesis of the Industrial Capitalist  
Historical Tendency of Capitalist Accumulation  
The Modern Theory of Colonisation  

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