Culpeper's Last Legacies


1.A general Caution

Let such as love their heads or brains, either forbear such things as are obnoxious to the brain, as Garlick, Leeks, Onions, beware of surfeiting and drunkenness.

2.To purge the Head

The head is purged by Gargarisms, of which Mustard, in my opinion, is excellent, and therefore a spoonful of Mustard put into the mouth, is excellent for one that is troubled with the lethargy: also the head is purged by sneezing; but be sure if you would keep your brain clear, keep your stomach clean.

3. For a rheum in the Head, and the Palsy

Take a red Onion, and bruise it well, and boil it in a little Verjuice and put thereto a little clarified honey, and a great spoonful of good Mustard, when it is well boiled, raise the sick upright, and let him receive the smell up his nose twice a day, whilst it is very hot.

4. For a rheum in the Head

Boil Pimpernel well in Wine, and drink a draught of the Wine in the evening, hot, but in the morning cold.

5. Another

Stew Onions in a close pot, and bathe the head and mouth, and nose therewith.

6. For the falling off of the Hair

Beat Linseeds very well, and mix them with Sallad-oil; and when you have well mixed them, anoint the head therewith, and in three or four times using it will help you.

7. To purge the Head

Chew the root of Pellitory of Spain, and chew it on both sides of thy mouth, and as the rheum falls down into thy mouth, spit it out, but retain the root there still, till you think the head is purged enough for that time.


8. For Eyes that are blasted

Only wear a piece of black Sarcenet before thy eyes, and meddle with no medicine; only forbear wine and strong drink.

9. An excellent water to clear the Sight

Take of Fennel, Eyebright, Roses, white, Celandine, Vervain and Rue, of each a handful, the liver of a Goat chopt small, infuse them well in Eyebright-water, then distil them in an alembic, and you shall have a water will clear the sight beyond comparison.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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