Religious Texts
Bibliomania is starting a collection of the World's major religious writings. At present we have put on site 'The King James Bible' and 'The Koran'. They are in our collection as much as great works of literature as they are teachings of two of the World's major religions.

As a company, Bibliomania is non-denominational and we believe in religious tolerance. The fact that we only have The Bible and The Koran at the moment reflects access to the texts, not religious bias. Over time we intend to put on site the central texts of other major World religions: a massive undertaking so please bear with us.

As an aid to people who wish to investigate religions other than their own we hope to be able to post guides to the religious texts. The first of these, a guide to The Koran, can be found in the Study section under study guides.

If you have any comments on our coverage of religious texts, please write to us at
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