Table of contents
R to Races  
Races to Ragnarok  
Ragout to Raleigh  
Rally to Rape of the Lock  
Raphael to Raul  
Ravana to Reader  
Ready to Red Boots  
Red-breasts to Red Snow  
Red Tape to Reekie  
Reel to Remember  
Remigius to Revulsion  
Rewe to Richard of Cirencester  
Richarda to Right as a Trivet  
Right of Way to Ring Posies  
Ring a Ding-ding to Rivals  
River Demon to Robin Goodfellow  
Robin Gray to Rochester  
Rock to Rogero,   
Rogue Ingrain to Roman  
Roman Birds to Roncesvalles  
Rondo to Rosalia  
Rosalind to Rose  
Rose Sunday to Rothschild  
Rotten Row to Round Table  
Round as a Ball; to Royal Titles  
Royston to Rue  
Ruffe to Running Footman  
Running Leather to Rython  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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