Table of contents
A to Abased  
Abasedly to Abdominal  
Abdominales to Abies  
Abietene to Abnet  
Abnodate to About  
About-sledge to Absence  
Absent to Abstain  
Abstainer to Abuse  
Abuseful to Acauline  
Acaulose to Accessary  
Accessibility to Accommodation  
Accommodator to Account  
Accountability to Accursed  
Accusable to Acetous  
Acetyl to Acknowledge  
Acknowledgedly to Acquisitive  
Acquisitively to Act  
Actable to Acture  
Acturience to Addeem  
Addendum to Adenophyllous  
Adenose to Adjoin  
Adjoinant to Administrant  
Administrate to Adnominal  
Adnoun to Adulterate  
Adulteration to Adventitious  
Adventive to Advocate  
Advocateship to Aërostation  
Æruginous to Affectionate  
Affectionated to Afflictive  
Afflictively to Afore  
Aforecited to Agamogenesis  
Agamogenetic to Aggrandizement  
Aggrandizer to Agnation  
Agnition to Agriculturism  
Agriculturist to Ain't  
Air to Alabastrum  
Alack to Albyn  
Alcade to Alehouse  
Ale-knight to Alienate  
Alienation to All  
Alla breve to Alleviation  
Alleviative to Allotment  
Allotriophagy to Almagest  
Almagra to Alp  
Alpaca to Alternative  
Alternatively to Amalgamate  
Amalgamation to Ambigenous  
Ambigu to Ameliorable  
Ameliorate to Amide  
Amidin to Amorphous  
Amorphozoa to Amphistomous  
Amphistylic to Amylene  
Amylic to Analemma  
Analepsis to Anastomotic  
Anastrophe to Ancient  
Anciently to Anesthetic  
Anet to Angler  
Angles to Anileness  
Anilic to Ankled  
Anklet to Annul  
Annular to Another-guess  
Anotta to Antecedent  
Antecedently to Anthophagous  
Anthophore to Anticipate  
Anticipation to Antipathy  
Antipeptone to Antithetically  
Antitoxin to Apart  
Apartment to Apis  
Apish to Apophasis  
Apophlegmatic to Appall  
Appalling to Appellant  
Appellate to Apple-faced  
Apple-jack to Appraise  
Appraisement to Appromt  
Approof to Apse  
Apsidal to Arable  
Araby to Arbuscle  
Arbuscular to Archical  
Archidiaconal to Ardurous  
Are to Argue  
Arguer to Arithmomancy  
Arithmometer to Arms  
Armure to Arrear  
Arrearage to Arrowy  
Arroyo to Article  
Articled to Arum  
Arundelian to Ascessancy  
Ascetic to Ask  
Askance to Asphyctic  
Asphyxia to Assay  
Assayable to Assiduous  
Assiege to Associate  
Associated to Assure  
Assured to Astrict  
Astriction to At  
Atabal to Atmolyzation  
Atmolyze to Attacca  
Attach to Attempt  
Attemptable to Attirement  
Attirer to Auction  
Auctionary to August  
Augustan to Aurous  
Aurum to Autocephalous  
Autochronograph to Avail  
Availability to Averment  
Avernal to Avoider  
Avoidless to Awearied  
Aweary to Axis  
Axle to Azymous  

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