Table of contents
C to Cable  
Cabled to Caddice  
Caddis to Caftan  
Cag to Calamity  
Calamus to Calculation  
Calculative to Calipash  
Calipee to Calling  
Calliope to Calvary  
Calve to Camera obscura  
Camerate to Can  
Canaanite to Canderos  
Candescence to Canker  
Canker-bit to Canonization  
Canonize to Canto  
Canton to Capacity  
Capape to Capite  
Capitellate to Capstan  
Capstone to Caracal  
Caracara to Carboxyl  
Carboy to Carding  
Cardiograph to Cark  
Carkanet to Carol  
Carolin to Carriage  
Carriageable to Cartilagineous  
Cartilaginification to Case  
Caseation to Cassiterite  
Cassius to Caster  
Castigate to Cat  
Cata to Catastrophism  
Catastrophist to Cater  
Cateran to Cat-salt  
Cat's-eye to Causeway  
Causewayed to Caviling  
Cavilingly to Celibate  
Celibatist to Censual  
Censurable to Centralize  
Centrally to Cerate  
Cerated to Cero  
Cerograph to Cession  
Cessionary to Chaffless  
Chaffy to Chalk  
Chalkcutter to Champerty  
Champignon to Change  
Changeability to Chapelry  
Chaperon to Chard  
Chare to Charles's Wain  
Charlock to Chase  
Chaser to Chaunter  
Chaunterie to Checkmate  
Checkrein to Chemise  
Chemisette to Chestnut  
Chetah to Chide  
Chider to Chill  
Chilled to Chinook  
Chinquapin to Chivalry  
Chive to Choke  
Chokeberry to Chop  
Chopboat to Chout  
Chowchow to Chromic  
Chromid to Chubby  
Chub-faced to Chylific  
Chylification to Cincture  
Cinctured to Circle  
Circled to Circumference  
Circumferential to Circumstantially  
Circumstantiate to Cithara  
Citharistic to Clack  
Clacker to Clap  
Clapboard to Classicalist  
Classicality to Clean  
Clean-cut to Cleat  
Cleavable to Clever  
Cleverish to Clincher-built  
Cling to Clod  
Cloddish to Close  
Close-banded to Cloud  
Cloudage to Clubbish  
Clubbist to Coach  
Coachbox to Coannex  
Coaptation to Cobaltous  
Cobbing to Cock-a-hoop  
Cockal to Coctile  
Coction to Coessential  
Coessentiality to Cognati  
Cognation to Coil  
Coilon to Cold-shut  
Cole to Collationer  
Collatitious to Collimator  
Collin to Colonize  
Colonizer to Colugo  
Columba to Combinable  
Combinate to Come  
Co-meddle to Comitia  
Comitial to Commendatary  
Commendation to Commission  
Commissional to Common  
Commonable to Communicate  
Communication to Companion  
Companionable to Compass  
Compassable to Competence  
Competent to Completion  
Completive to Comport  
Comportable to Compound  
Compoundable to Compulsion  
Compulsive to Concede  
Conceit to Concern  
Concerned to Concisely  
Conciseness to Concourse  
Concreate to Condemn  
Condemnable to Conditionate  
Conditioned to Conepate  
Cone pulley to Confess  
Confessant to Confirmation  
Confirmative to Confoundedly  
Confoundedness to Congest  
Congested to Congrue  
Congruence to Conjunction  
Conjunctional to Connote  
Connubial to Consecrate  
Consecrater to Conservatory  
Conservatrix to Consist  
Consistence to Consonantly  
Consonantness to Constellate  
Constellation to Constringe  
Constringent to Consummate  
Consummately to Contemplative  
Contemplatively to Contents  
Conterminable to Continual  
Continually to Contract  
Contracted to Contrary  
Contrast to Controller  
Controllership to Convenient  
Conveniently to Converse  
Conversely to Convicinity  
Convicious to Cony-catch  
Cony-catcher to Coördinate  
Coördinately to Coppery  
Coppice to Coral fish  
Corallaceous to Core  
Co-regent to Corner  
Cornercap to Coronel  
Coroner to Corpuscularian  
Corpuscule to Corrivalship  
Corrivate to Corsned  
Cortége to Cosmorama  
Cosmoramic to Cothurnate  
Cothurnus to Couched  
Couchee to Count  
Countable to Counterfeit  
Counterfeiter to Countersink  
Counterstand to Couple  
Couple-beggar to Court  
Court-baron to Covenant  
Covenantee to Cow  
Cowage to Coy  
Coyish to Crackling  
Cracknel to Cramp  
Crampet to Craps  
Crapula to Craziness  
Crazy to Crebricostate  
Crebrisulcate to Creep  
Creeper to Crescentic  
Crescentwise to Cribbage  
Cribber to Cringe  
Cringeling to Critical  
Critically to Crone  
Cronel to Cross  
Cross-armed to Crotaphitic  
Crotch to Crown  
Crowned to Cruelty  
Cruentate to Crust  
Crusta to Cryptogamia  
Cryptogamian to Cubit  
Cubital to Cuffy  
Cufic to Cultural  
Culture to Cunning  
Cunningly to Curculio  
Curculionidous to Curl  
Curled to Curse  
Cursed to Cushat  
Cushewbird to Cut  
Cutaneous to Cyanide  
Cyanin to Cylinder  
Cylindraceous to Cysted  
Cystic to Czechs  

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