Table of contents
D to Daggle  
Daggle-tail to Daltonism  
Dam to Damp  
Dampen to Dangerous  
Dangle to Darken  
Darkener to Dastard  
Dastardize to Daw  
Dawdle to Dead  
Dead beat to Dean  
Deanery to Debase  
Debased to Decacuminated  
Decad to Deceive  
Deceiver to Decimeter  
Decimosexto to Declinal  
Declinate to Decore  
Decorement to Decurt  
Decurtation to Deep  
Deepen to Defeat  
Defeature to Defervescence  
Defeudalize to Deflexion  
Deflexure to Deglutitory  
Degradation to Deism  
Deist to Deletery  
Deletion to Delineable  
Delineament to Delphin  
Delphine to Demeanor  
Demeanure to Demogorgon  
Demography to Demure  
Demurely to Denotate  
Denotation to Deny  
Denyingly to Dependence  
Dependency to Depopulation  
Depopulator to Depredation  
Depredator to Derange  
Deranged to Dermoid  
Dermoneural to Descrier  
Description to Design  
Designable to Despair  
Despairer to Destemper  
Destin to Detain  
Detainder to Detest  
Detestability to Devastate  
Devastation to Devilry  
Devil's darning-needle to Dew  
Dewberry to Diadem  
Diadrom to Diameter  
Diametral to Diastatic  
Diastem to Diclinous  
Dicoccous to Die  
Diecian to Difficult  
Difficultate to Digestedly  
Digester to Dike  
Diker to Diluteness  
Diluter to Dimple  
Dimplement to Dioptry  
Diorama to Dipropyl  
Diprotodon to Direption  
Direptitious to Disagreeable  
Disagreeableness to Disavowance  
Disavower to Discharge  
Discharger to Discolor  
Discolorate to Discontinuous  
Disconvenience to Discovert  
Discoverture to Discuss  
Discusser to Disengage  
Disengaged to Disgrace  
Disgraceful to Dishonorer  
Dishorn to Diskindness  
Diskless to Disnatured  
Disobedience to Dispart  
Dispassion to Displace  
Displaceable to Disposed  
Disposedness to Disputeless  
Disputer to Dissemble  
Dissembler to Dissipation  
Dissipative to Distance  
Distancy to Distinct  
Distinction to Distress  
Distressedness to Disvaluation  
Disvalue to Dive  
Divedapper to Divide  
Divided to Divorce  
Divorceable to Docetic  
Docetism to Dodecandria  
Dodecandrian to Dogma  
Dogmatic to Dolorific  
Doloroso to Dominical  
Dominican to Door  
Doorcase to Dot  
Dotage to Double-entendre  
Double-eyed to Doughtily  
Doughtiness to Down  
Downbear to Drachma  
Drachme to Dragoon  
Dragoonade to Draught  
Draughtboard to Drawer  
Drawfiling to Dredge  
Dredger to Drift  
Driftage to Drive  
Drivebolt to Drop  
Droplet to Drudge  
Drudger to Dry  
Dryad to Ducking  
Duck-legged to Dulcorate  
Dulcoration to Duncify  
Duncish to Durative  
Durbar to Duumvir  
Duumviral to Dyne  
Dys- to Dziggetai  

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