Table of contents
F to Facet  
Facete to Factotum  
Factual to Fain  
Fainéant to Faith  
Faithed to Fall  
Fallacious to Falsification  
Falsificator to Fan  
Fanal to Fantastic  
Fantastical to Farina  
Farinaceous to Fasciola  
Fasciole to Fat  
Fatal to Fatiscence  
Fat-kidneyed to Favor  
Favorable to Feasible  
Feast to Febrifuge  
Febrile to Feeder  
Feeding to Fell  
Fellable to Feme  
Femeral to Feoff  
Feoffee to Ferret  
Ferreter to Fess  
Fessitude to Feu  
Feuar to Fibrocartilage  
Fibrochondrosteal to Field  
Fielded to Figulate  
Figuline to File  
Filefish to Filoplumaceous  
Filoplume to Fine  
Finedraw to Finiteness  
Finitude to Firetail  
Firewarden to Fish  
Fish-bellied to Fit  
Fitch to Flabellate  
Flabellation to Flame  
Flame-colored to Flash  
Flashboard to Flattering  
Flatteringly to Fledge  
Fledgeling to Fleshy  
Flet to Fling  
Flingdust to Float  
Floatable to Floran  
Floréal to Flourish  
Flourisher to Fluence  
Fluency to Flush  
Flushboard to Fly  
flyaway to Focimeter  
Focus to Fold  
Foldage to Following  
Folly to Fool-hasty  
Foolify to Footstep  
Footstone to Forbid  
Forbiddance to Fordo  
Fordone to Forehand  
Forehanded to Foresee  
Foreseen to Forfeit  
Forfeitable to Forisfamiliate  
Forisfamiliation to Formality  
Formalize to Forstall  
Forster to Fortuneless  
Fortunize to Foul  
Foulard to Fourth  
Fourthly to Fracture  
Frænulum to Frangulic  
Frangulin to Fraying  
Freak to Freestone  
Free-swimming to Freshen  
Freshet to Frictionless  
Friday to Fringilla  
Fringillaceous to Frolicsome  
From to Frosting  
Frostless to Fruit  
Fruitage to Fuel  
Fueler to Full-bloomed  
Full-blown to Fumigant  
Fumigate to Fungicide  
Fungiform to Furnish  
Furnisher to Fussy  
Fust to Fytte  

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