Table of contents
L to Labroid  
Labrose to Lack  
Lackadaisical to Lacwork  
Lad to Lag  
Lagan to Lambskinnet  
Lamb's-quarters to Lampooner  
Lampoonry to Landing  
Landlady to Lanier  
Laniferous to Lapidescence  
Lapidescent to Large  
Large-acred to Lasso  
Last to Lath  
Lathe to Lattice  
Latticework to Laurel  
Laureled to Law  
Law-abiding to Lay  
Layer to Leader  
Leadership to Lean-to  
Lean-witted to Leave  
Leaved to Leer  
Leere to Legge  
Legged to Lemon  
Lemonade to Lentor  
Lentous to Less  
Lessee to Letter  
Lettered to Level  
Leveler to Levy  
Levyne to Liberal  
Liberalism to Licentious  
Lich to Liedertafel  
Lief to Lifesome  
Lifespring to Light  
Lightable to Lignitiferous  
Lignoceric to Lilliputian  
Lilly-pilly to Limit  
Limitable to Line  
Lineage to Link  
Linkage to Liquable  
Liquate to List  
Listel to Lithic  
Lithiophilite to Litter  
Litterateur to Lively  
Liver to Load  
Loader to Local  
Locale to Locust  
Locusta to Logged  
Logger to Londonize  
Lone to Longmynd rocks  
Longness to Loop  
Looped to Lord  
Lording to Loss  
Lossful to Love  
Loveable to Lower-case  
Lowering to Lucifer  
Luciferian to Lumbago  
Lumbar to Lung-grown  
Lungie to Luster  
Lustering to Lychnoscope  
Lycine to Lytta  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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