Table of contents
M to Machine  
Machiner to Madam  
Madame to Magic  
Magically to Magnetizer  
Magneto- to Maid  
Maiden to Mainor  
Mainpernable to Make  
Makebate to Malaxation  
Malaxator to Malignantly  
Maligner to Mamma  
Mammal to Management  
Manager to Manganate  
Manganesate to Manifolded  
Manifoldly to Manor  
Manorial to Manurable  
Manurage to Marbling  
Marbly to Marian  
Marie to Markhoor  
Marking to Marry  
Mars to Martingale  
Martinmas to Masoola boat  
Masora to Master  
Masterdom to Match  
Matchable to Matin  
Matinal to Mature  
Maturely to May  
Maya to Meal  
Mealies to Measure  
Measured to Medalurgy  
Meddle to Meditation  
Meditatist to Megacephalous  
Megaceros to Melanosis  
Melanosperm to Meloe  
Melograph to Memory  
Memphian to -ment  
Ment to Mercury  
Mercy to Meropidan  
Meropodite to Mesodont  
Mesogaster to Meta-  
Metabasis to Metamorphism  
Metamorphist to Metempiric  
Metempiricism to Methylate  
Methylated to Mezzo-rilievo  
Mezzo-soprano to Microörganism  
Micropantograph to Midmost  
Midnight to Miliaria  
Miliary to Millenary  
Millennial to Minable  
Minacious to Mineralogy  
Minerva to Mink  
Minnesinger to Miracle  
Miraculize to Miscast  
Miscegenation to Misdo  
Misdoer to Misintelligence  
Misintend to Misrepresentation  
Misrepresentative to Mistake  
Mistaken to Miter  
Miterwort to Mob  
Mobbish to Moder  
Moderable to Moeve  
Moff to Mole  
Molebut to Moment  
Momental to Money  
Moneyage to Monoceros  
Monochlamydeous to Monomial  
Monomorphic to Monsoon  
Monster to Moon-culminating  
Mooned to Mora  
Moraine to More  
Moreen to Morpho  
Morphogeny to Mortify  
Mortifying to Motation  
Mote to Moton  
Motor to Mountingly  
Mountlet to Move  
Moveless to Muckworm  
Mucky to Mugwumpery  
Muhammadan to Multifold  
Multiform to Mum  
Mumble to Mural  
Murder to Musci  
Muscicapine to Musk  
Muskadel to Mute  
Mute-hill to Mycoprotein  
Mycose to Myrmidon  
Myrmidonian to Myzostomata  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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