Table of contents
R to Raceme  
Racemed to Radeau  
Radial to Radius  
Radius vector to Raid  
Raider to Raise  
Raised to Ramed  
Ramee to Rand  
Randall grass to Ransack  
Ransom to Rappel  
Rapper to Rashness  
Raskolnik to Ratify  
Ratihabition to Rattlings  
Rattoon to Ray  
Rayah to Read  
Readability to Reality  
Realizable to Reason  
Reasonable to Rebound  
Rebrace to Receive  
Receivedness to Reciprocalness  
Reciprocate to Recline  
Reclined to Recompense  
Recompensement to Recourse  
Recourseful to Rectilinear  
Rectilinearity to Red  
Redact to Redintegrate  
Redintegration to Reduce  
Reducement to Reeky  
Reel to Reference  
Referendary to Reflueus  
Reflux to Refresher  
Refreshful to Regard  
Regardable to Register  
Registering to Regulator  
Reguline to Reinstate  
Reinstatement to Relate  
Related to Reliable  
Reliance to Relish  
Relishable to Remediless  
Remedy to Remnant  
Remodel to Renal-portal  
Rename to Renounce  
Renouncement to Reparel  
Repartee to Repetition  
Repetitional to Reportorial  
Reposal to Reprieve  
Reprimand to Reptile  
Reptilia to Require  
Requirement to Resemble  
Resembler to Residentiary  
Residentiaryship to Resolution  
Resolutioner to Respect  
Respectability to Rest  
Restagnant to Restraint  
Restrengthen to Retaliate  
Retaliation to Retire  
Retired to Retribution  
Retributive to Return  
Returnable to Reverence  
Reverencer to Review  
Reviewable to Revolute  
Revolution to Rhamnus  
Rhamphorhynchus to Rhinophore  
Rhinoplastic to Rhymic  
Rhymist to Rich  
Riches to Ridge  
Ridgeband to Right  
Right-about to Rigor  
Rigorism to Ringdove  
Ringed to Ripple  
Ripple-marked to Rival  
Rivaless to Roar  
Roarer to Rock  
Rockaway to Roguish  
Roguy to Romance  
Romancer to Rook  
Rookery to Ropewalk  
Ropewalker to Rosetta wood  
Rosette to Rotche  
Rotchet to Rouk  
Roulade to Roundhouse  
Rounding to Row  
Rowable to Rubbish  
Rubble to Ruddle  
Ruddock to Ruffle  
Ruffleless to Rule-monger  
Ruler to Run  
Runagate to Running  
Runningly to Russophile  
Russophobe to Rytina  

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