Table of contents
T to Tableau vivant  
Tablebook to Tackle  
Tackled to Tail  
Tailage to Take  
Take-in to Tallage  
Tallier to Tamper  
Tamperer to Tant  
Tantalate to Tarantula  
Tarantulated to Tartar  
Tartarated to Taster  
Tastily to Tawniness  
Tawny to Team  
Teamed to Tedium  
Tee to Telepheme  
Telephone to Temerity  
Temerous to Templed  
Templet to Tend  
Tendance to Tenon  
Tenonian to Tenuity  
Tenuous to Term  
Terma to Terrene  
Terrenity to Tessular  
Test to Testudinarious  
Testudinata to Tetrapneumona  
Tetrapnuemonian to Thalamifloral  
Thalamocœle to That  
Thatch to Theme  
Themis to Theorization  
Theorize to Thermocautery  
Thermochemic to Thick  
Thickbill to Think  
Thinkable to Thither  
Thitherto to Though  
Thought to Threat  
Threaten to Thrips  
Thrist to Throw  
Throw-crook to Thunder  
Thunderbird to Thyroid  
Thyroideal to Tide  
Tided to Tight  
Tighten to Timber  
Timbered to Timocratic  
Timoneer to Tinsel  
Tinselly to Tisar  
Tisic to Titularly  
Titulary to Tod  
To-day to Tolerant  
Tolerate to Ton  
Tonality to Tonnage  
Tonne to Top  
Toparch to Topstone  
Topsy-turvy to Torrock  
Torsal to Total  
Totality to Touchstone  
Touchwood to Towhee  
Towilly to Trachelidan  
Trachelipod to Trade  
Traded to Trail  
Trailer to Trammeled  
Trammeler to Transcriber  
Transcript to Transient  
Transilience to Transmuter  
Transmutual to Transversal  
Transverse to Traveled  
Traveler to Treadboard  
Treader to Tree  
Treebeard to Trepeget  
Trephine to Triatic  
Triatomic to Trick  
Tricker to Trigamous  
Trigamy to Trimeran  
Trimerous to Trip  
Tripalmitate to Trispast  
Trispermous to Troad  
Troat to Troopfowl  
Troopial to Trout  
Troutbird to Trug  
Trugging-house to Trunnion  
Trunnioned to Try  
Trygon to Tubulated  
Tubulation to Tumble-down  
Tumbledung to Tunicata  
Tunicate to Turfing  
Turfite to Turn  
Turnbroach to Turret  
Turreted to Twayblade  
Tweag to Twine  
Twiner to Two  
Two-capsuled to Type  
Typesetter to Tzetze  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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