Viduity to Village

(Vi*du"i*ty) n. [L. viduitas: cf. F. viduité.] Widowhood. [R.] "Chaste viduity." Ld. Ellenborough.

(Vie) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Vied ; p. pr. & vb. n. Vying ] [OE. vien, shortened fr. envien, OF. envier to invite, to challenge, a word used in gambling, L. invitare to invite; of uncertain origin. Cf. Invite, Envie.]

1. To stake a sum upon a hand of cards, as in the old game of gleek. See Revie. [Obs.]

2. To strive for superiority; to contend; to use emulous effort, as in a race, contest, or competition.

In a trading nation, the younger sons may be placed in such a way of life as . . . to vie with the best of their family.

While Waterloo with Cannæ's carnage vies.

(Vie), v. t.

1. To stake; to wager. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

2. To do or produce in emulation, competition, or rivalry; to put in competition; to bandy. [Obs.]

She hung about my neck; and kiss on kiss
She vied so fast.

Nor was he set over us to vie wisdom with his Parliament, but to be guided by them.

And vying malice with my gentleness,
Pick quarrels with their only happiness.

(Vie), n. A contest for superiority; competition; rivalry; strife; also, a challenge; a wager. [Obs.]

We 'll all to church together instantly,
And then a vie for boys.
J. Fletcher.

(Vi*elle") n. [F. Cf. Viol.] An old stringed instrument played upon with a wheel; a hurdy- gurdy.

Vienna paste
(Vi*en"na paste`) (Pharm.) A caustic application made up of equal parts of caustic potash and quicklime; — called also Vienna caustic.

(Vi`en*nese") a. Of or pertaining to Vienna, or people of Vienna.n. sing. & pl. An inhabitant, or the inhabitants, of Vienna.

(View) n. [OF. veue, F. vue, fr. OF. veoir to see, p. p. veu, F. voir, p. p. vu, fr. L. videre to see. See Vision, and cl. Interview, Purview, Review, Vista.]

1. The act of seeing or beholding; sight; look; survey; examination by the eye; inspection.

Thenceforth I thought thee worth my nearer view.

Objects near our view are thought greater than those of a larger size are more remote.

Surveying nature with too nice a view.

2. Mental survey; intellectual perception or examination; as, a just view of the arguments or facts in a case.

I have with exact view perused thee, Hector.

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