Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties

Division II.—Communication of Ideas

Section II.—Modes of Communication
  1. Manifestation (Substantives), expression, showing, etc., indication, exposition, demonstration, exhibition, production, display, showing off.
  2. An exhibit, an exhibitor.

    Openness, frankness 543, publicity 531.

    (Verbs). To manifest, show, express, indicate, point out, bring forth, bring forward, trot out, set forth, exhibit, expose, produce, bring into view, set before one, hold up to view, lay open, lay bare, expose to view, set before one's eyes, show up, shadow forth, bring to light, display, demonstrate, unroll, unveil, unmask, disclose, see 529.

    (Phrases). Hold up the mirror; draw, lift up, raise, or remove the curtain; throw off the mask.

    To elicit, educe, draw out, bring out, unearth, disinter.

    To be manifested, etc., to appear, transpire, come to light, see Visibility 446, to come out, to crop out.

    (Phrases). To speak for itself; to tell its own tale; to give vent to.

    (Adjectives). Manifest, clear, apparent, evident, visible 446, prominent, in the foreground, conspicuous, palpable, open.

    Manifested, shown, expressed, etc., disclosed 529, frank, capable of being shown, producible.

    (Adverbs). Openly, before one's eyes, face to face, above-board, in open court, in open daylight, in the open streets, on the stage, on show.

  3. Latency (Substantives), secrecy, secretness, privacy, invisibility (see 447), occultness, darkness, reticence, silence, closeness, reserve, inexpression; sealed book; a dark horse; an undercurrent.
  4. Retirement, delitescence, seclusion 893.

    To render latent 528.

    (Verbs). To be latent, etc., to lurk, smoulder; to keep back, reserve, suppress, keep close, keep secret, keep to oneself, keep snug, hush, hush up.

    (Phrases). Hold one's tongue; hold one's peace; leave in the dark; to keep one's own counsel; to seal the lips; not to breathe a syllable about.

    (Adjectives). Latent, secret, close, unapparent, unknown 491 delitescent, in the background, occult, cryptic, snug, private, privy, in petto, anagogic, sequestered, dormant, smouldering.

    Inconspicuous, unperceived, invisible 447, unseen, unwitnessed, impenetrable, unespied, unsuspected.

    Untold, unpublished, unmentioned, unbreathed, untalked of, unsung, unpronounced, unpromulgated, unreported, unexposed, unproclaimed, unexpressed, not expressed, tacit, implied, undeveloped, unsolved, unexplained, undiscovered, untraced, untracked, unexplored.

    (Phrase). No news being good news.

    (Adverbs). Secretly, etc., sub silentio.

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