Newsmonger, scandalmonger, scaremonger, tale-bearer, gossip 527, special correspondent, reporter 590.

  1. Secret (Substantives), arcanum, penetralia, profound secret, mystery, arrière - pensée, problem, enigma, teaser, poser, riddle, puzzle, conundrum, charade, rebus, logogriph, anagram, acrostic, cross-word, cipher, code, cryptogram, monogram, paradox, maze, labyrinth, perplexity, chaos 528, the Hercynian wood, terra incognita.
  2. (Phrases). The secrets of the prison-house; a sealed book.

  3. Messenger (Substantives), envoy, nuncio, internuncio, herald, ambassador, legate, emissary, corps diplomatique.
  4. Marshal, crier, trumpeter, pursuivant, parlementaire, courier,runner, dawk, errand-boy, Mercury, Iris, Ariel.

    Narrator, etc., tale-bearer, spy, scout.

  5. Affirmation (Substantives), predication, assertion, declaration, word, averment, asseveration, protestation, swearing, protest, profession, deposition, avouchment, affirmance, assurance, allegation, acknowledgment, avowal, confession, confession of faith, oath.
  6. Remark, observation, position, thesis, proposition, saying, dictum, theorem, sentence.

    Positiveness, dogmatism, ipse dixit.

    A dogmatist, doctrinaire.

    (Phrase). The big bow - wow style.

    (Verbs). To assert, make an assertion, etc., say, affirm, predicate, declare, profess, aver, avouch, put forth, advance, express, allege, pose, propose, propound, broach, set forth, maintain, contend, pronounce, pretend, pass an opinion, etc.; to reassert, reaffirm, reiterate; quoth, dixit, dixi.

    To vouch, assure, vow, swear, take oath, depose, recognise, avow, acknowledge, own, confess, announce, hazard or venture an opinion.

    To dogmatise, lay down, lay down the law; to call heaven to witness, protest, depose, warrant, posit, go bail for.

    (Phrases). I doubt not; I warrant you; I'll engage; take my word for it; depend upon it; I'll be bound; I am sure; I have no doubt; sure enough; what I have said, I have said; faith! that's flat.

    To swear till one is black in the face.

    (Adjectives). Asserting, etc., dogmatic, positive, emphatic, predicable, pronounced, unretracted.

    Positive, broad, round, express, explicit, pointed, marked, distinct, decided, formal, solemn, categorical, peremptory, emphatic, flat, pronounced.

    (Adverbs). Ex cathedra, positively, avowedly, confessedly, broadly, roundly, etc., so to speak; ay, yes, indeed, etc., see 488.

  7. Negation (Substantives), abnegation, denial, denegation, disavowal, disclaimer, abjuration, contradiction, démenti, contravention, recusation, retraction, retractation, recantation, renunciation, palinode, recusancy, protest.
  8. (Phrase). A flat contradiction.

    Qualification, modification, 469.

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