People of all ages retain an endless fascination in the lives and influences of famous and successful politicians, pioneers, and popular cultural figures. As we approach a point where some of the fundamental scientific questions are being resolved (e.g. the human genome, a unified theory and understanding of the origin of the universe), there has been an explosion of interest in the lives of great mathematicians and scientists. In short, biographies and autobiographies have never been more popular. Bibliomania only has a small biographies collection at present but we are committed to significantly expanding this section of our site.

William M. Thayer Abraham Lincoln
James Nasmyth Autobiography
Sir Henry Bessemer Autobiography
Thomas Jefferson Autobiography
Benjamin Franklin Autobiography, Letters and Other Writings
John Tyndall Faraday as a Discoverer
William M. Thayer From Log-Cabin to White House (Life of James A. Garfield)
Samuel Smiles Jasmin

For the time being, you can enjoy the lives of three American presidents with the autobiographies of Thomas Jefferson and William Thayer's biographies of Abraham Lincoln and James Garfield. For science lovers we have the life of Faraday, discoveror of the electromagnetic force and father of the electric motor, and the lives of two great Victorian engineers, Sir Henry Bessemer and John Tyndall, between them the inventors of many industrial processes that are common in manufacturing today.

Lots more coming, so check back regularly. If you have any special requests please email us at

For short biographies of literary figures go the Read section, choose a category (e.g. Fiction) and choose an author. If we have a biography it will be on the author page.

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