(Phrase). A dash, stroke, or flourish of the pen.

    Transcription, inscription, superscription, minute.

    Shorthand, stenography, brachygraphy, tachygraphy, steganography.

    Secret writing, writing in cipher, cryptography, polygraphy, stelography; cryptogram.

    Automatic writing, planchette.

    Composition, authorship, cacoethes scribendi.

    Manuscript, MS., copy, transcript, rough copy, fair copy, flimsy, handwriting, script, autograph, signature, sign-manual, monograph, holograph, endorsement, paraph.

    A scribe, amanuensis, scrivener, secretary, clerk, penman, calligraphist, copyist, transcriber, typist.

    Writer, author, scribbler, quill-driver, pamphleteer, essayist, critic, reviewer, novelist (see 593), journalist, editor, reporter, pressman, penny-a-liner, free-lance; Grub Street, Fleet Street.

    Pen, quill, fountain-pen, stylograph, pencil, paper, parchment, vellum, tablet, slate, marble, pillar, table, etc.

    Inscription on pillars, Stelography.

    (Verbs). To write, pen, typewrite, write out, copy, engross, write out fair, transcribe, scribble, scrawl, scratch, interline; to sign, undersign, countersign, endorse, set one's hand to.

    To compose, indite, draw up, minute, jot down, make or take a minute of, put or set down in writing; to inscribe, to dictate.

    (Phrases). To take up the pen; to spill ink; to sling ink; set or put pen to paper; put on paper; commit to paper; dash off.

    (Adjectives). Writing, etc., written, in writing, penned, etc., scriptorial; editorial, journalistic, reportorial.

    (Phrases). Under one's hand; in black and white; off-hand; currente calamo.

  • Printing (Substantives), print, letterpress, text, context, note, page, proof, etc.; presswork.
  • Typography, stereotypography, etc.; type, character, black-letter, fount (or font), pie, etc., capitals, majuscules, lower-case letters, minuscules, etc.; braille.

    Folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo, etc.

    Printer, pressman, compositor, corrector of the press, proof-reader, etc.

    Printing-press, linotype, mono-type, etc.

    (Verbs). To print, put to press, publish, edit, get out a work, etc.

    (Adjective). Printed, etc.

  • Correspondence (Substantives), letter, epistle, note, chit, billet, missive, circular, favour, billet-doux, dispatch, bulletin, presents, rescript, rescription.
  • Letter-bag, mail, post.

    (Verbs). To correspond, write to, send a letter to.

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